Primer: Chico the Intra-Galactic Pit Bull

Even though I wrote it, it still feels..well…inspired. By Whom, by What? By the compelling, ever-present desire to do something worthwhile before we leave earth for…yet another visit! I am thinking of you….


Chico, apparently a brown-and-white Staffordshire terrier (or Pit Bull), about 50 pounds, is not really from earth.  He’s from a star system on the far eastern edge, the other side, of our Milky Way galaxy.  The civilization he comes from is very advanced. Dogs are the principal and operationally dominant inhabitants, and they generally direct the affairs of the planet by mental activity. We might call it “telepathy” or “telekinesis.”  They can assemble molecules and elements at will in order to build structures as needed, but they have generally little interest in construction.  They can raze and build mountains, move the course of rivers, and create new forests, but again, they don’t do much of it.  Their planet has an almost endless verdure of green, magnificent forests, vast oceans and deserts, and the dogs (they call themselves “Woggs” with a single individual known as a “Woggle”) spend most of their…

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