A Brief History of Iodine & Its Miracles

About 160 years ago, bloodiest battle in American history was fought at Antietam, Maryland, between the Confederate South and the Union North.  3,600 lives lost, and 23,000 casualties.  Although the North claimed victory, there was so much death and bloodshed that any pronouncement of success must’ve been Pyrrhic.  However, from a political standpoint, it was […]

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Approach To Learning: Preparation

The Encounter With Our Sensei or Xiansheng (先生) We walked on through the magical forest.  The sky glistened through the leaves of the trees, and the forest canopy was filled with a shimmering light that seemed at times like mirrors.  (I later learned that the leaves were, in fact, mirrored, mirrored in a special polarizing way, […]

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Chico on Photons, Entropy & Evil

As we walked through the woods, I had a hundred questions or more about our surroundings.  Why the sky was yellow-green, like the inside of a huge astronomical lily in bloom; why the trees were as perfectly brown as Chico’s brown, brown eye; why the leaves sparkled with rain – rain mist just before a […]

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